Why did they choose you
Thu Aug 10 2017 | Alam, Nimesh

(Frame it according to yourself) I'm one of the top local guide in India. They basically look for quality contribution throughout the year and from contribution I mean regularly providing local content, reviews and feedback. So being a local guide, you know, I can added places to Google Maps, suggest edits like contact number or websites, add photos to it, add review and rating to it, check facts about that place etc. Our contribution impacts millions around the globe. We have also this portal called localguidesconnect you have to be active on that. We have different level so only a level 5 local guide is eligible to apply. and there is this application form with bunch of paragraph Question and you have to answer them and make 1 minute video introducing yourself and your experience with the program. So I did this all and now I'm among the fortunate ones who'll be attending summit this year.

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